Google Glass Gets Foursqaure, OpenTable and many more apps

By | May 15, 2014

The most innovate wearable Smartdevice “Google Glass” now gets some new apps. Foursqaure, OpenTable, TripIt apps are now available in the Google Glass. The new apps join Word Lens and Google’s own Field Trip to create an impressive suite of travel apps for the wearable device. And Now Google Glass is available for all in US

Google Glass Gets Foursqaure, OpenTable and many more apps

The TripIt app for the Google Glass has inserted its trip updates and information on the Google Now cards which is already available  on the  Glass. By the help of this you can see  Your flight status, departure time and gate will all appear on a single card, the app is easily accessible with a tap and swipe on Glass’ touchpad.

Google Glass

Whereas the Open Table app  has  used its own command such as : “Okay Glass, make a reservation….” Once you speak these words, a selection is open for the nearby restaurants will appear, according to your choice you can choose your preferable venue. Completing the reservation is as easy as a tap: Your preferences (say, party of three for 8:30 p.m. ) is saved each time.

The current version of Google’s Field Trip notifies you about surrounding points of interest, but the latest upgraded app, which is released in April, lets you specifically ask what’s nearby. When you tell that then you will get general recommendations, according to categories such as -Art, Food and Museums. Tap again, and a scrolling list of venues appears.

Now, according to a report which claims that, tech Giant has started working on the Google Glass 2.