Google Earth Pro is now ‘free’ to use!


Google Earth has been quite a fun app to many to look around their neighborhood or poke around the 3D version of Statue of Liberty or Great Wall of China.  But Google Earth Pro, which consists of many more interesting features at $399/year for many businessmen, hobbyists and scientist is free now.

Google earth pro

The professional-grade Google Earth can auto geo-locate which means it would be able to automatically import thousands of addresses to be pinned on the map at once. It is also equipped with Super Image Overlays feature which allows its users to import larger images. While the basic version allows to print images of 1000 x 1000 resolution, the free Google Earth Pro will now allow users to print premium images with larger resolution 4800 x 3200.

Apart from the above mentioned, the HD videos seen on the screen could be capture using the free service. Premium version could do lot more. It can measure distances using lines and paths in feet, miles, km and acres and also measure areas of polygon and circles.

Additionally, the Pro version allows 3D measurements to calculate height of a building or even measure distance between a new apartment and a park close by. Moreover, the service enables users to view traffic data and demographic layers.

Google Earth showing the roads in blue color
Google Earth showing the roads in blue color

Consumer interested in using the service can get started by requesting for free License Key for Google Earth Pro. Then download the free Pro client to start using. The existing users can continue using the service without any additional requirements.

Stafford Marquardt, Product Manager of Google Earth Pro states this service is can serve wide range of people ie., from users planning to build new building  to users who are planning to trek in the mountains. Also to print high-resolution images and record HD video of even virtual flights around the world.

The Google Earth Pro works on PC with Windows 7 or Window 8 platform and should run on 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 and 1 GB of RAM plus 2 GB of hard drive space. For iOS users, Google Earth Pro will work with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and higher versions.

The reason behind why Google made Earth Pro a freebie is still not clear. Though this news is absolutely out of the blue for many planners and developers, it may annoy a lot who were paying for the service last 10 years. Not everyone would find much use for the upgraded Google Earth but filming HD movies and capturing video of virtual flights sounds like a real fun thing.