Google Drive updated, check out the latest features

By | June 26, 2014
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On yesterday, 25th June 2014 the Google reveals the new updates for its Google Drive. The tech giant Google has also launched the Android One Affordable Phones With Regular Updates. This Google Drive brings lots of new features which provides you a new fresh user experience at the time of use.

The Google has also launched the Docs, Sheets, and Slides are getting major updates on both mobile and desktop. With this release, you can now work on any document, at any time, on any device, both with and without an Internet connection. This latest update brings the Google Drawing also, where you can make and tell the story and share your ideas. And a big part of storytelling is the images you use to bring a concept to life. Now it’s even easier to get those images just right, because Slides will let you crop, apply shape masks, and add borders to your images right within your presentation.

Highlights of the latest update of Google Drive

Microsoft Document Editing  Without Converting-

The Google has more stress out of the Microsoft documents and office files in the Google Drive. The Google has announced some native editing of Office documents, right from your mobile device or Google Drive. Simply the Google Drive  is offering the editing option on the Microsoft Office files, without converting them into Google Docs.

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Now you can make changes  and then saved to that original Word file — there will be no need to worry about file conflicts with folks who are not using Google apps.  The tech giant Google  has already acquired Quickoffice back in 2012 with plans to bolster the Google Drive suite of editing apps. The company also announced mobile support for Google Slides, which allowing you to create PowerPoint-presentations on your Android or iOS device.

Premium  Service

The Company is also starts providing premium service like unlimited storage you will get by only paying $10 USD per user, per month. The Google Drive for Work is a new premium option that offers file encryption for files transiting to and stored on Google servers, and document auditing and activity APIs to keep tabs on how employees are using Drive.

For mobile

If you use the Drive app on your Android or iOS Smartphone/Tablet, then you will  be noticed that the everything is now a bit speedier and easier to navigate Because of the  faster background syncing, the new mobile app makes it easy to find and quickly open files. And you can also get a host of new features, by which you can see who has access, view recent changes, or grab a link to share with more people.  And the latest also offered you to enable offline access or print a file directly from the app of your Smartphone.


A new way to collaborate

The Google Docs is famous between the peoples because they can work together at a same place. But sometimes this collaboration creates problems and confusion, so  that is  why  Google offered a new way to collaborate. This new feature is now available for anyone with commenting access in Google Docs on the web, and it will come soon in our mobile apps.

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For the web

Now the latest updated Google Drive will offer access to the new Drive for the web over the coming weeks, which provides  a  better experience  with a new look and better performance also. With this latest update you can— simply click once on a file to see recent activity, share with friends, or enable offline access.


The update also brings the three easy ways to take group actions on multiple files : right click on the selected files, use the menu above the file area, or simply drag the group to a new location in Drive.

Work the way you want

With this latest update to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you will be getting covered, regardless of how, where, or when you need to get something done. Now the mobile apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides, the ability to edit and share Office files, and a brand new way to collaborate with Suggested edits, and all are featured on your Android or iOS Smartphones and tablets.

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For Everyone

Now the updated Google Drive has also included over 70 languages and, with this latest update,  which making  the Drive much more accessible for our blind and visually impaired users. The new Drive also enhanced the keyboard accessibility, which provides the support for zooming and high contrast mode, and better compatibility with screen readers.

And you will get the app in the Google Play Store for the Android user, and the Apple user can get this product  at the App Store.