Google to detect potholes by using GPS and sensors in cars

By | August 26, 2015


Ask anyone who drives, potholes remain to be one of the major problems while driving. It not only causes traffic issues but also damages your vehicles. But do not worry, Google has come up with a solution to this problem.

Now, Google tries to discover the damaged part of the road with the help of the GPS navigation system and sensors. After determining the potholes, Google puts that information into a database, so that it can find some alternative route with the information. With this new project, Google wants to make the driving more comfortable.

Google has filed a patent for the system, which will automatically monitor the potholes and send the road quality  data to database. This will then create the database which would be helpful for the drivers to find smooth, less bumpy roads and thereby improve the navigation on the whole.

This new system from Google is set to prove very helpful as potholes are the main reason for many problems like traffics, accidents etc. With almost every vehicle coming with a GPS navigation system, the only additional element needed would be the sensor to collect the information on vibrations and how much the car bounces. If it can really give reliable and accurate road data with the sensors and GPS Navigation, it would be a huge hit among the masses.