Google Contributor : Crowdfunding tool for publishers



Google is often criticized by the publishers for extracting their content without seeking permission from them first, but Google has probably done more to experiment with an alternative monetization options for content than any other media firm. On last week Thursday, Google has started rolling out new service called Google Contributor which is designed to let the web users to pay monthly fess for the sites which they visit often and they will not find any Google ads when they visit those sites.

Google has said that this new service is going to launch with 10 publishing partners which includes, Imgur, Mashable, Science Daily, WikiHow and more.When an user visit the Google contributor website they will find the list of publishers which are participating in the beta version and they can select their plans of how much to contribute per month.

This monthly subscriptions are handled through the Google account using the payment method whatever they have chosen and it doesn’t work on all the websites but only triggered when the users visits the specific site. For publishers, contributions are handled through their Google advertising accounts. In effect, the contributions are the alternative to just relying on the Google AdSense service. Google said that it chose the partners who don’t much traffic, because initially it wanted to start small and see how the feature get used.

One of the amazing feature of this project is that after Google Contributor payment is triggered, user from now will no longer see the usual advertising from Google on the site they visit, instead they will get a message from publisher, thanking them for their contribution. In some cases in the mobile versions ads may disappear altogether.

One Google Spokesperson described contributor as another example of Google’s attempts to help the publishers monetize their readership more easily along with similar experiments like Google consumer surveys which lets the websites to require that readers fill out the survey before they access to the content.

Earlier this year Google has launched a contribution system for the YouTube video creators called as Fan Funding which lets the viewers to donate anywhere from $1 to $500 to the channel they choose.