Google Camera app : Review

By | April 22, 2014

Google has released the Google Camera app for Android and is now available in the Google Play Store now. The Nexus devices running on KitKat there is not much to do about the Google Play app. This camera app includes five photo capturing modes such as Panorama mode, regular camera mode, Photosphere mode, Video mode and a new mode called Lens Blur mode is added.

The new camera app with version 2.1.037 has a brand new User Interface. Panorama and Photosphere modes of this app little bit unreliable to use, but when you take a photo in that mode it looks really awesome It starts working out with a single image and the user must follow the dots to create a complete photosphere or panorama image. The regular and camera mode of the app are awesome and self-explanatory.

The new Lens blur mode is useful to take DSLR like images. It lets you take the photo by keeping the subject of the pic in focus and make the background blur. You can adjust the level of blur after the photo is taken. This app features a settings menu where the user can adjust the resolution and quality of the picture.



  • Lens Blur feature allows to take DSLR photos with the blur in the background.
  • Photo Spheres for immersive 360 degree view.
  • Take pics in Panorama mode with high resolution.
  • 100 % view finder helps to get the maximum resolution form the sensor with out dropping pixels.
  • New User Interface and the large capture button is present at the center.
  • Works on all the devices running on Android 4.4 KitKat.

This app is well designed and is very simple to use. You can change any mode from any point in the app just by swiping to the right and the modes will slide out from the left side. Slide your finger to the left and it will open the recently taken pics.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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