Google Calendar allows you to recover deleted events



Google has updated the web version of its Calendar app, which now lets you view and recover all your trashed invitations and events. Whenever you delete some events in calendar, it will go directly to the place that is similar to trash or recycle bin. You can see what you have deleted from the calendar any time until you clean up the trash can.

Google said about the trash in the blog post, “Trash is accessible from the calendar’s dropdown menu in the My calendars section as well as from Calendar Settings, this functionality is available for both primary calendars and secondary calendars for which people have edit rights.”

Whenever you delete some entries of Google Calendar, Google will notify you via an email that says “event has been moved to the trash” along with the details of this new feature. The items of Google Calendar’s trash can will be stored for 30 days. According to Google, you can delete or restore the trash can items during this thirty day period.

As of now, this trash can feature of Google Calendar is only available for Web version, we can just hope that the company make this feature available for iOS and Android version app in near future. If you don’t find this feature on your Google Calendar app, don’t worry folks as it will roll out completely for everyone in few days.