Google Calendar to add events from your Gmail



Google has announced a new update for Google Apps users, which will make Google calendar smarter for the business man. Google Calendar soon to get a new update this week, which will start detecting events like flights, restaurant or hotel reservations from Gmail and add it to the calendar.

According to Google any ticketing information will be detected and added to the calendar. You don’t have to worry if you have changed the plans like rescheduling the reservations, because Google calendar will update and notify about your latest events as per the changes.

This feature will be turned on automatically, but if you want to change the setting to off, you can do it manually in Gmail settings. This feature looks promising and pretty good, but it can also prove quite annoying when the calendar starts adding events from the Gmail, which you don’t want. It can be deleted manually, but if you don’t delete them or delay the deletion process, you’ll get notification about the events you don’t want.

But on the whole, Google’s this new Calendar update is going to be useful. You can ask Google about your flight, hotel and other reservation details and be alert about that. It will make your life pretty easy.