Google buys the longest domain name for its Alphabet

By | October 9, 2015

Google’s domain purchasing spree is quite well-known but no one expected it to purchase a domain name that’s lengthy and weird as a means of restructuring as Alphabet.


Last August, Google launched business Alphabet’s site on, a strategic move which saw the company set aside its main YouTube, search, Android and email business from its ambitious research divisions, including the secretive Google X labs division. Not very happy with its six letters domain name, it has now purchased which was originally created in 1999. With this, the company has one of the longest domain name and shortest domain name.

“We realized we missed a few letters in, so we are just being thorough,” said an Alphabet spokesman. No plan has been disclosed by the company regarding how it plans to use the domain name.

It is quite obvious that even Google would have been able to persuade BMW to sell them or news network ABC to give up The purchase may have been a defensive move to ensure that an Apple or Facebook or somebody else does not buy the site. As of now, the URL leads to an inactive site and does not hold any alphabet content. The financial terms of this purchase has not be disclosed.