Google buys Divide, mobile enterprise security company


Google Inc has continuing its shopping spree, as today it acquired mobile enterprise security company Divide. Divide enables the individuals and the organisations to secure their personal devices, so that they can be connected to corporate networks. Google buys divide as part of the plan to introduce its own KNOX alternative.

Divide posted about the deal on its official website that, “We are excited to announce we are going to be the part of the Google. As a part of the Android team we will continue developing the solutions that our users love”. However , the amount details of the deal are disclosed.


Divide can separate the user’s personal data from the work related files and it effectively isolates them from one another on the same device. This deal could imply the desire to tighten the security of Android devices out of the box and can attract the enterprise customers who looks for the security.

Formerly device was called as Enterproid, can create the separate environments on the personal devices used by the corporate employees. This lets the users to swipe continuously from personal and work applications. This startup was previously backed by Google ventures and it not a surprise that the team was on the Google’s radar.Google may use the Divide’s experience to make the Android platform more corporate ready and without allowing the outside vendors to come in and introduce the bids.

More than 1 billion smartphones and tablets are powered by Android, making it the most popular mobile Operating System. Android is the more open Operating System with less security than the likes of BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone. This deal is the part of the Google effort to increase the corporate use of the Android smartphones and tablets.