Google Brillo OS, that connects IoT, is expected to hit the market soon

By | May 22, 2015

Google has big plans for Internet of Things (IoT). ┬áIt soon plans to unveil ‘Brillo,’ an operating system that has the capacity to power and connect all the smart devices. It would be an operating system for the IoT market, says the report.


The sources suggest Brillo will be a based on Android and would target at devices with 32 or 64MB of RAM, which is much lesser than the 512MB minimum Android can run right now. It is expected that the Brillo can power devices like light-bulbs, smart locks and thermostats from the Google-owned Nest. The reports suggest that it would support Nest devices but will not come under the Nest category.

Brillo is expected to make its debut at Google’s I/O conference next week, where Android M is expected to be launched. It would not be Google’s first step in the IoT market. It has previously worked with ARM and Samsung to design a home automation protocol called Thread. The technology is aimed to develop a platform to make the smart gadgets makers of devices at home to communicate with one another.

Internet of Things is an upcoming field that could change the way the world is being perceived as it would have the potential to change the regular objects into smart objects that can communicate with one another. Sensor and other technology make use of the internet to do so. As per IDC, the market for IoT is phenomenal and is expected to hit $3.04 trillion in the year 2020. With one universal operating system like the one Google is working on, there would no compatibility issues. However, Google is not the only one working on such an operating system. Huawei has recently announced LiteOS and Samsung has launched its Artik hardware. Both serve as a platform to connect the devices. We may have to wait and watch to see who would win the final race.