Google bartender doesn’t seems to be of much use!

By | March 9, 2015

Google never cease to amuse us with its features and new stuff. The recent introduction that has amused many recently is its mobile app that automatically serves up recipe cards for cocktails. Now you can ask Google how to make a number of mixed drinks and Google will give you a list of ingredients and preparation instructions. However, the package includes its own set of flaws.

Google Bartender

Google collects the recipes from a variety of sources that have been vetted for accuracy, a spokesperson told ABC news. For the 189 recipes they search, search engine so far provides, searchers will get a list of ingredients with step-by-step preparation instruction, along with suggestions for garnish and drinkware.

The cards appear in both mobile and desktop versions of Google search and don’t require any update. Also, beyond typing in the search on a desktop or mobile app, you can also just press the mic on the Google app on iPhone or Android and ask “Ok Google, how do I make a Manhattan?” or “Ok Google, how do I make Sangria?”


Though this feature was greeted with much delight and enthusiasm, the feature is, in practice, worse than useless, says a report. The data seem to be pulled from sources like Wikipedia, but Google says it’s vetted every card that appears in the Knowledge Graph and the recipes attributed to the International Bartenders Association. Though, it doesn’t seem like it could be vetted too well, as it suggested the proper way to make a martini is to stir it, and this is clearly not correct. Meanwhile, no one who tends the bar in the United States relies on the opinions of the International Bartenders Association.

When discussed about this to the Google rep, the spokesperson advised that each Google user is invited to give feedback on each drink recipe and it will be taken care of the company.