Google Search on Safari for iOS 9 to show iOS app results



When you do Google search through Safari by the end of the October on iOS 9 compatible device, you might find results with deep links to iOS apps. Previously, the Google App Indexing feature was available for Google Chrome browser only, but Apple has announced that this kind of features is coming to Safari browser of iPhone and Tablet that runs iOS 9 by the end of this month.

For taking advantage of Google App Indexing feature, developers have to do some setup. They need to add Universal Links to their app and integrate it with Google’s SDK. When the app integrates indexed links, the content of the app can be found in Google Search results.

Google first introduces App indexing feature to iOS platform in May, but till now this feature was restricted to Google Chrome browser and Google app. This new App indexing feature for Safari browser will not be available till the end of this month. The company said that the integration of app indexing will not support for iOS 7 and iOS 8. So if you are using iOS 9 on your Apple device, then only you can use this app indexing features for Safari browser.