Google to announce family plan for Google Play Music



Currently Music streaming services are pretty popular as it allows users to choose from an array of song without any difficulties. Family plans are very popular in the music streaming services, as no one wants to pay for the service individually. Apple Music and Spotify already offers Family Plan, but till now Google Play Music doesn’t have that option.

But this is going to change, as Google may unveil Family Plan for its Music Streaming service at Nexus Event. According to the report of Android Police, Google will unveil a family plan for its Play Music All Access streaming service. It looks like Google is going to take on Apple Music and Spotify and this family plan option will definitely add some more option for families, who want to use music streaming service.

The report also suggests that Google will announce new Nexus and new Chromecast at the event held tomorrow. The search giant will also unveil a family plan worth $14.99 per month for its music streaming service.

The Google will give access to 6 members at this price, which is quite cheaper than Spotify. Spotify charges $14.99 for two members for a month, $19.99 for three members, $24.99 for six members and 29.99 for five members. The subscription charge for Apple Music is also $14.99 for six members. Music streaming service from Google and Apple is more affordable and useful than Spotify.