Google allows developers to import their data to cloud storage



Cloud storage has been pretty popular and convenient now a days, because you can upload your data anywhere and extract it whenever you want and only thing you need is internet connection. It becomes pretty difficult for developers, as they have to store terabytes of data. To get rid of this problem Google has introduced a new service named “Offline Media Import/Export”. This service will upload the data to its cloud storage service for developers, who have to send their physical media like hard disk, USB flash and tapes. The data transfer will be handled by a third-party company not by Google and it will cost you some bucks.

This service for developers was first introduced back in 2013, when developers had to send their hard drives to Google for importing the data into its cloud storage service.

The main question here is, why you need to send your disk to upload the data instead of trying it by yourself? To this Google noticed that it will take almost 100 days for a terabyte to upload in the cloud storage with a normal DSL line. So due to quicken this Google runs this services in association with Iron Mountain for North American Customers and it is planning to bring this service to other parts of the world as well. Still there is no clear news that how much Iron Mountain would charge for this service. But According to TechCrunch, Google used to charge $80 for one drive.