Google to alert you about the Hurricanes and storms



Google has launched a new feature this week that alerts users about the major storms. As Hurricane season is soon to begin, the tech giant has announced the new feature in a blog post, which would show users information about hurricanes or major storms.

Google posted on its blog, “As the U.S. enters hurricane season again, Katrina remains a stark reminder of the devastation a storm like that can cause. We want to be as prepared and as helpful as possible for the next one—no matter where it hits, or how big it is.”

This feature will show the location searched with respect of the storm and it will also show visualization of the forecast track based on NOAA data as well as wind severity and arrival time. This new feature will also give instruction about how to stay safe in these kind of situations. The safety tips shown will be in accordance to the situation at their location like if storm is far from your place, you will get tips like how to prepare for emergency kit or charge the phone in case of any power shortage etc.

This new update from Google will improve the weather forecast and alert public for future consequences.