Google Agrees to Buy Twitch at $1 Billion


According to a latest report, the search engine giant Google is agreeing to buy Twitch. The YouTube team has said that they be handling the acquisition, as an integration of the Twitch live-streaming service would entail myriad changes in the Google-owned video-sharing service model. The report also mentions that the Google will pay $1 Billion for this deal.

According to the VentureBeat report both Google and Twitch declined to comment on if the deal was real. The report also says most details are uncertain as of now, such as when the deal would be announced by the companies, and what the exact terms of the deal are.

google and twitch deal

In the month June, the Twitch had integrated YouTube into its service in a novel way, introducing Live Annotations. The Twitch live-stream hosts have their own YouTube channels, the feature is displaying a pop-up across all of the channel owner’s YouTube videos as soon as the linked user’s live stream begins on Twitch.  Those users who are watching the YouTube videos will be alerted, and they can able to click on the annotation which has directly jumped to the channel owner’s live streaming Twitch video.

The Twitch would continue as a standalone service, or be brought completely into the fold under the YouTube banner, or as the YouTube Twitch service.  It would be the  gamers abandon the service due to some strict policies, is another question on many people’s lips. The Twitch is very strong in the live streaming niche, where it had an estimated 44 percent market share back in April. Every month, 50 million users log in to Twitch to watch the other gamers’ virtual exploits, and an estimated 1.1 million users broadcast their videos.