Google adds Reminders to its Calendar that shows you to-do tasks



Keeping track of your daily task and responsibilities is a pretty tough task. Different people handle this issue with different approach, as some choose to fill the calendar with all the events while others make a do-to list.

Google has today announced that its Calendar app will allow its users to keep track of their to-do tasks. The users will now be able to create Reminders for their to-do tasks along with events in Google Calendar app. Creating reminders for the to-do tasks is also pretty easy.

Reminders will be available in Google Calendar this week with the latest version of Google Calendar app that will be available for both Android and iOS platform. In addition to these, Reminders will also be available for Desktop version of Google Calendar.

Google’s this Reminder feature helps you to track the track until it’s done. Suppose, you have created a reminder for laundry on Monday after noon, but you forget to do the task. So, reminder will appear on the top of your calendar on Tuesday morning. It will keep appearing in same fashion until, you mark it done and completed.

You can create reminders from Inbox, Google Now, Keep etc. Reminder is a very useful feature added to Google Calendar. If you want to create a reminder for the task, which you do on regular basis, you can create reminder that repeats.