Google adds Block and Unsubscribe features to Gmail



The most annoying thing while using mail is unwanted mails filling your inbox and you don’t find option for unsubscribing. So, Google has added two new features to the Gmail, which is going to keep your inbox clean. The two new features are: “Block Sender” and “Unsubscribe”.

The block function is currently available Gmail for web. If you want to block any person on the web, you have to open a mail of sender, click on the dropdown menu next to reply button and then select Block Sender. Once you block the sender, all the mails will directly go to the Spam folder and won’t show any further mail from the specific sender.

The Unsubscribe option is available for the Gmail app for Android users, but not available for iOS. If you want to unsubscribe from the frustrating annoying mails or some newsletters, you have to click on “More” option button and then select “Unsubscribe” button.

The Block feature will come in Android app over the next week. If you wants to block some specific sender and don’t want to see any mails from the sender, you just have to click on the “more option” buttons and then click on “Block sender” button. All mails from the block user will directly go the spam folder, but if you want to unblock the sender, you can do this via settings menu.