Google acquires Jibe Mobile for amount unknown


The Internet giant Google has acquired Jibe Mobile, a startup well-known as the ‘cloud communications company for mobile operators.’ Financial terms of the deal has not been disclosed.

Jibe mobile

Founded in 2006, the startup Jibe Mobile is a messaging startup that’s been a leader in the RCS standard. RCS, is nothing but something like SMS, is a carrier-based standard for messaging. Though many popular messaging service like Hangouts, Facebook Messages, WhatsApp are gaining popularity, standard messaging service has still got its market. But unlike the standard SMS, RCS work to be able to send videos, photos and other content easily to others. Google has been teaming up with many to do the groundwork to roll the technology out more widely.

Now with the acquisition of Jibe Mobile, Google aims to expand the capabilities of its messaging technology better and quicker. It is expected Google would soon add video chat and other features to the mobile messaging.

Mike Dodd, Google minister of messaging said in the blog, “We’re excited to team up with mobile operators, device makers and the rest of the Android ecosystem to support RCS standards and help accelerate their deployment in a more consistent way.” He added, “Jibe is a leading provider of RCS services and they’ll continue helping carriers easily deploy RCS to their users.”

Further to the acquisition, Jibe will go on to help carriers deploy RCS to their users, but as being a part of Google. Google and Jibe will work with wider wireless industry that includes mobile operators, device makers and the rest of the Android ecosystem to “create an even better messaging experience on Android.”