Google acquires Divshot to integrate with its Firebase


Google has announced its acquisition of Divshot, an app-hosting service which would be integrated with its cloud-services provider Firebase. Financial terms of the deal has not been disclosed.


Founded in 2012, the startup Divshot was initially based on Bootstrap, the well-known open source front-end framework that was developed by Twitter. Divshot is a visual builder for web application interfaces that combines the simplicity of a drag and drop mockup tool with the touch of professional, hand-coded HTML and CSS. The whole idea behind it is to help professional developers and designers work faster and spend less time on throwaway wireframes and mockups. The Divshot apps are compatible with any devices and browsers.

Michael Bleigh, co-founder and CEO of Divshot said, “Both teams share a passion for creating fantastic developer experiences, and now we are moving forward together toward that common goal. As a co-founder of Divshot, I’m excited to bring the best parts of Divshot’s technology to Firebase Hosting.”

Divshot and Firebase have joined hands to launch a brand new Firebase command-line interface that will enable the users to develop locally with all of their rewrites, redirects and other Firebase Hosting options. The companies have a long history of working together for Dinshot’s Static Showdown hackathon.

Further to the acquisition, Divshot would be rolling down its shutters to its existing products and services on monday, December 14. For the existing Divshot customers, it has set up a detailed migration guide to help them move to Firebase hosting with ease.