Google Acquires Directr, a short film shooting app

By | August 7, 2014

Google Acquires Directr, an app that people use to shoot short movie to share around the globe, has just been acquired up by Google. In an age of ultra-brief videos, Directr existed to help users and businesses shoot videos that were a bit longer than your average Vine — think ads, or promo clips, or family holiday videos.

In an age of mini-clip videos, Directr existed to assist  businesses and users to shoot videos that were a bit longer than your average Vine — such as ads, or family holiday videos or even promo clips.

They hasn’t disclosed what actually the deal they made but the pieces fit together like that of a smaller purchase/acquihire: the Directr product will live on (now free) under its own branding, but the people behind it is joining YouTube’s monetize to earn money out of it.

Directr’s idea behind this was really innovative and much productive: to allow users to shoot better video, Directr would give pre-designed templates (or “storyboards”) that clarified how a scene might best be shot/framed. The users would simply fill in the spaces with their own particular clips, and Directr would sort it out automatically, include music, and prep everything to be imparted over your bunch Facebooks and Twitters.

There are two version of Directr: one for business use, and one for personal. The former targeted on videos you might record to share with friends (family holiday meetings, travel videos, etc), while afterwards it broaden to focused on teaching firms to shoot things like product demos, testimonials etc. The personal version was totally free but downloading a complete video cost 99 cents; the business version subscription cost was $250-$500 a year, depending on what features you need to add to the subscription.

Directr had raised around $1.7M to date.