Google acquires Circus Ponies for its Alphabet


Google has acquired the startup Circus Ponies, a developer of a note-taking and organizational apps for iOS NoteBooks and the Mac OS. The financial terms of the deal has not been revealed. Further to the acquisition, the company would be rolling down its shutters.


Founded by Jayson Adams, the company Circus Ponies aimed to make apps that were “smart, beautiful, fun, powerful, surprising and delightful.” A couple of days ago, the company announced on its site that it would be shutting down and apps would no longer be available. The message read, “After 13 years in business, Circus Ponies has gone to that greater Alphabet company in the sky. It was a good run, but we are done.” The message also read that people using Notebook can mail the technical support team in case of a problem with the software. But it also warned that there are no guarantees that emails will receive the response.

Circus Ponies has been Apple-centric apps so it would be interesting to know what Google plans to do with it. There has been no news so far from Google team about how Circus Ponies will fit into Alphabet, but it is assumed that its services will be used to improve apps like Google Keep, Drive, Docs and Sheets.