Gogoro’s Smartscooter to hit the road in Taiwan

By | July 25, 2015


Gogoro has announced that it will start shipping its first smart scooter to the customers in Taipei from tomorrow. Gogoro will start shipping the scooter on its pre-order, which starts last month. Gogoro became a talking point at CES 2015, due to its swappable battery system of electric scooter. Other than plugging your scooter to charging outlet at your home or any other charging stations, you can just swap your two batteries (which are placed under your seat) at the company’s GoStation in the city.

This Gogoro Company was found back in 2011 by Horace Luke, former HTC Chief Innovation Officer and get some funding from Cher Wang, Co-founder of HTC. Gogoro has been working to establish battery swapping stations with Taipei businesses and the government. This smart scooter will cost NTD $128,000 (New Taiwan Dollar), which is equal to USD $4,066. You will also get two years of free battery swapping subscription at this price.

There is also some is issues with this scooter, as I previously mentioned that this comes with battery swapping mechanism. So this means that if you scooter discharged at home and you need some more juice, then you can’t charge this scooter at home, you have to go to one of the GoStations to swap your battery. As now a days every electric scooter comes with charging option, which can be charged at home or some charging outlet, this scooter doesn’t support that.

Now Company future plan about this scooter is not clear yet, so we won’t be able to tell you more on that, but we can hope that it will expand its market of this smart scooter in near future.