Goggle launches Spotlight Stories on iOS



Back in 2013, there was an app named Spotlight Stories, originally created by Motorola for Motorola devices, and has been available on Android since then. It was yesterday, that Google has introduced 360 degree video viewing on Android and Web, but it looks like Google is taking its 360 degree viewing pretty seriously, as it has launched its Spotlight Stories app on iOS platform today.

This app comes with 2D and 3D animated films. This Spotlight Stories app is available for Apple devices, which runs iOS 8.0 or higher version. Google says that this Spotlight Stories is a mobile movie theater. This app combines its 2D and 3D animation with 360 degree video effects to create an amazing surrounding movie watching experience. Till now, on this app you can watch four stories and they are Help, Windy Day, Buggy Night and Duet. Here all the stories are exclusively created for Spotlight Stories, where Help is a live action film, created by Justin Lin, the director of Fast and Furious.