GoDaddy brings out Ecommerce platform for small scale businesses in India

By | July 23, 2015

The world is emerging and so the standard of living, a few years back there were limited internet users but today every individual has smart phone and internet with 3G. The taste and preferences of every individual has changed rapidly with the growth of new technologies, online add-ons, ecommerce platforms where anybody can buy and sell products online without moving an inch from their place.

The evolution of ecommerce platforms have been growing with leaps and bounds, it showcases a variety of products and services for customers, which are compelling a lot of business opportunities for both small and large scale businesses.

To give such opportunity and to empower the small scale businesses, the future vision of GoDaddy is to “relocate the global economy towards the small scale business all over India by persuading and emancipating each individual to begin, emerge and profitably runs their enterprises”.

In this competitive world, there are millions of customers and business domains are registered under management but GoDaddy gives a new ray of hope to all the small scale industries to convey their ideas, construct the brand image online, allure customers and manage their business with no more hindrances.

GoDaddy also provides more than 100 payment options including debit and credit cards, net banking, cash on delivery and much more.

GoDaddy online store is designed with simplicity, visual appeal and to sketch out the insights of consumer behaviour and performance. GoDaddy brings out the advantages of its online store:

  • Selling unlimited products
  • Free hosting with unlimited bandwidth
  • Instant mobile friendly store
  • Professionally designed beautiful and modern themes
  • FREE SSL for secure transactions
  • Integration with Google Analytics for real time analysis and reports
  • Industry leading transaction fee and zero set up fee for payments
  • 100+ payment options including all major debit and credit cards, wallets, net banking options and much more
  • Facebook store with real-time sync

    GoDaddy launches ecommerce platform to small scale businesses in India.

    GoDaddy launches ecommerce platform to small scale businesses in India.

• GoDaddy has made much more easier for the small scale businesses
• No intermediaters
• Direct communication
• No fradulent practice
• Genuine dealing and satisfies customer to a larger extent.

with the rapid growth of technologies, ecommerce platforms, online services, people have become more dependent on the online services, which has led people to stick at one place and do all their jobs.

Its good that the world is blooming with all new dimensions and innovations but at the same time people are more relied on the online world and forgotten the space of the real world.