Gmail now gets ‘Undo Send’ option to reverse misdirected mails


No more worries if you send a love letter to your dad instead of your girl friend or forward a classmate gossip to everyone in the class, for the mis-sent or misdirected mails can be reversed. Yes, you read it right!


After years of testing, Gmail is now rolling out a most-wanted feature, ‘undo send.’ Users of Gmail can now retrieve and recover the ‘Oh My God!’ kinda mails by adding a timing of five to thirty seconds delay in sending the mails on all outgoing mails.

Google has now announced ‘undo send’ to be part of its official settings in Gmail. This feature was in Google Labs under the beta testing stage from 2009, which allows the users to try them even if not launched officially. Those who have been using the Lab version of the feature, the settings for button will be turned on by default.

To enable the feature, click ‘settings’ under the gear icon and choose the cancellation time period in the ‘general’ tab. The feature was released with Google’s latest version of Inbox which was updated in May. Currently, this feature is available on Web only and not on mobile devices.

Gmail Undo button