Gjirafa, Albanian search engine raises $2 Million

By | February 10, 2016
Gjirafa homepage

For a lot of people, the online search world starts and ends at Google, however, the case is not as simple for a lot of people. Considering there are thousands of languages across the globe and making the search perfect according to each language is just not possible.

Gjirafa is a search engine developed for Albanian citizens. The search engine has been developed keeping the complexity and uniqueness of Albanian people in mind. Along with developing the search engine in a specific language, the team had to make a lot of efforts, provided that a lot of local information isn’t available online.

Mergim Cahani, Co-Founder and CEO, while speaking to the media said that the main aim of Gjirafa was to digitise the whole country. Plenty of information is solely available offline. So the team is literally going out, collecting the information and putting it online. So along with a search engine, the team is focusing on making an online database of all the vendors and service providers across the country.

To expedite the process and make it more organized, the latest round has been raised. The round worth $2 Million was led by San Francisco based Rockaway capital. With this fund, Gjirafa aims to become a reginal leader in online search, ecommerce and online advertising.

Before this, the investors penal for Gjirafa include some notable names like Esther Dyson, Ondrej Bartos and Philip Staehelin.