Gigster twirls the start-up idea into an App

By | July 24, 2015

Gigster twirls the start-up idea into an app

Gigster twirls the start-up idea into an app

If you have a unique start up idea and only minimal cash in hand, there is a way where you can share your start-up idea with the team of Gigster, the software developer, where within few weeks your site and app would be ready to shoot the world outside.

How to get started?

Just go to their site and the sales engineer from gigster would text you immediately, tell them about your idea and its supporting elements, within 10 minutes they will provide you with a detailed and guaranteed quote for designing your app and the time duration of its launch, give gigster a thumbs-up for the project and they will come up with the updates of your project every week. They will also have the track record of your purchase and would maintain the codes to upgrade in mere future.

How they work?

Gigster appoints project manager for the individual, so he can be the sole contact person for the client. If there is any time delay or the product is not running behind the given time, they hire more developers and engineers to finish the product on given time.

Gigster is designed for smaller start-ups and products; it’s an on-demand freelance network where they pay only those who are working for the project.

Most of the freelancer developers are either students of MIT’s, Caltech’s or an employee of Google, Stripe, etc… who wants to earn extra money for their use applies for Gigsters.

Only 7.7% of freelancers are appointed in Gigsters to work, a student earned $10000 over a weekend working for two days at a stretch.

Pros & Cons

Gigsters are so affordable and very attractive to all the business people for starting up their sites and apps, but however it faces some of the limitations.
Gigsters intensively work on engineering part and not in designing. There are some clients who want their sites and apps to be visually appealing too, which becomes a hindrance for the Gigster to move further in satisfying the clients need, but they are flexible enough to guide their clients and refer other designing team who can help them in the designing part.

For an initial start, Gigster would be the best available option for the small scale businesses to hitch on the subtle apps and sites available with Gigster.

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    Another great resource for development is on-demand boutique dev shops like
    You get access to SF’s top developers via Slack!