Getmypeon helps to do your errands.



Getmypeon helps to do your errands. The Mumbai based startup company will do your errands like picking up the medical records from the hospital, getting your clothes from dry cleaners, paying your electricity bill or mobile bill, picking up your groceries for a fee.

There are facilities to pay the bills online, however once it crosses due date. Many companies will not accept the online payments. Getmypeon has tied up with third party service providers like dry cleaners, repair shops and cleaning agencies to cater the customised requests from users.

The startup company caters in the localities of Churchgate to Borivali Western, CST to Thane Central and CST to Vashi. It is pain to the errands in a metropolis like Mumbai.


Getmypeon has made registration process very simple. Persons who avail the services has to fill an application containing details of pick up and drop off addresses and payment details. The services has become hugely popular in business community, payments are received thru cheques.

The company charges a maximum of Rs. 200 for each service the customer availing. Getmypeon graduated from single errand to multiple errands these days.

Getmypeon was founded in 2012 by Bharat Ahirwar who is an arts graduate. He visions Getmypeon to provide a professional, affordable and reliable errand running service in India. The company has completed 18 months of operations basically run their campaign in Facebook and other social media.


During initial stages the company had few errand services in their portfolio which has grown to a big list. It ranges from Parcel Delivery, Gift Delivery, Invitation Delivery, Bulk Delivery, Document Delivery, Cake Delivery, and Cheque Pickups to repair works.

Getmypeon offers several package ranging on monthly package where quantum of errands to be picked up. For ex: the company will charge Rs 1500 for 10 errands with a day’s notice which will have month validity. The charges will vary from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 6000 per month. Apart from these there are waiting charges and cancellation charges will be charged as when it occurs.

Getmypeon charges are very nominal compared to payment of a month salary for full time along with other things like providing work space. The proposition works out to be very high. The company has more than 900 clients from different walks of life. Clientele are from Chief Executive Officer to home makers.


Earlier days an elder in the family use to look after entire chores of the house. However in changed scenario it is not possible for the nuclear families to complete chores of house amidst tight schedule and crazy work timings.

Getmypeon hires people from rural India who would have migrated to the city. They also hire college students who want to make few bucks for paying their fees. Few NGO’s are assisting jobs to the company where low level skills are required.

Getmypeon planning to roll out their operations in next cities like Pune and Bangalore. The company do have competitors like and Grofers offering similar services.