GetFocus raises Angel funds from group of investors



Mumbai based startup, GetFocus has secured unspecified amount in angel funding from group of investors, who are from different sectors like banking, telecom and logistic. The startup was founded by a team of IIT Bombay graduates Prateek Chaturvedi, Manoj Gudi and Aditya Misra. With this fund, startup is looking to hire some more people for its tech team and expanding its operations in different geographical areas.

The startup is changing the navigation and analytical solutions in India. Its tech uses currently available Wi-Fi tech to find out the location of a mobile phones in different locations like malls, shops, warehouses, etc. It finds the real time location of users and sends it to the developers, so that they can send notifications by using these infos.

GetFocus is a pretty simple product, all apps publishers have to do is install the SDK and select the shops of their choice. After this, they will start getting data instantly. As of now, the company has more than 5,000 stores mapped onto its platform in Mumbai, but it is planning to expand its reach to some other cities like Bengaluru and Delhi.

The company wants to reach more than 15 Million phones in next 6 months. Currently, location based targeting service in malls are done by beacons, which needs Bluetooth to functions, but GetFocus is a pretty easy product that doesn’t need Bluetooth to function.