How to Get a Valid Phone Number in USA

By | June 30, 2014
International Calls

Are you looking to get a valid Phone number in USA without going there, this tutorial will help you to get that with ease, just follow the steps mentioned here. The main thing of this tutorial is you can own US phone number from anywhere in this planet without spending a single buck.

International Calls

Once after getting an US number, your friends and relatives from US will be able to reach you through the number without paying international charges. You can even forward your call to your computer or phone via VoIP phones.

Skype also provides Caller ID functions to get a local phone number of USA but for that you have to spend some bucks which is around $18 for 3 months, you can also go for yearly subscription.

Just follow these steps and start using US number right on your phone for free.

How to Get a Valid Phone Number in USA


  1. Follow this website and sign up for free, verify the mail ID and get started with it.
  2. After verifying the mail, they will ask you to provide your city and country code, then accept the terms and conditions to signup.
  3. Skip the virtual tour of the their website which you will see after clicking on the SignUp button. Go to MyCallCentric, the next screen will offer you a number in the format +1777***, copy the number and save it somewhere in your desktop or in the phone.
  4. Now open another browser and visit this site –, don’t close the first one and paste the number you have just copy at “SIP username”, hostname as “” and same email and password have you used to get the number.
  5. The default area code will be 273 which you can change it by clicking on drop-down menu, for instance, I have chosen 412.
  6. Now within few minutes you will get an email with your new US number, keep it handy and use it.

Now the next big thing is to activate the number which you have got, for this again we have to walk through few more steps.

  • Download and Install the ExpressTalk, this is actually not a freeware but the free version is enough for you to this purpose. You will get more features if you get the pro version. While installing this make sure that you are not installing anything else accept the actual software such toolbars, custom search engines etc.
  • Also while getting into the step up, choose all the options as default, when it asks for SIP account, click on yes I have SIP account. Now enter all the SIP details as above on Step 4.
  • Once after completing the setup, go to the CallCentric page and refresh it!, you get the message called “Your phone is registered.”