How to get Most recent feed in new Facebook app



Facebook frequently used to change the users interface but this time the new Facebook UI is quite dramatic. This time they tried to make it cleaner and to add more features rather than hiding them inside any menu as it was in earlier UI. But still it made some options harder to find few options like ‘Most Recent Feed’ view.

The modified Facebook’s new UI only shows ‘Top Stories’ of your news feed which display content that it treats is most appropriate to you, rather than what is has been interacted or posted with most recently. In the earlier app you could simply modify the setting from the default to display Most Recent in the home window, but now you will have to do a little digging.

Don’t worry I am here to solve your this problem how to get Most recent feed in new Facebook app. Most of the users are facing this issues with this new app released by Facebook no matter they are using Android or iOS platform.

To display the Most Recent feed, swipe or tap over to the right tab (three horizontal lines, labeled “More“) of the new Facebook app, and move down by scrolling to the “Feeds” area, which you find right under “Apps.” Here, you will see any different feeds you have already created with family or friends groups, along with that you will also see “Most Recent” as an option to select. Tap that option and you will be shown a totally responsive view of your latest News Feed depending on time rather than some other algorithm just before you were getting. You can go back to the settings option by tapping the back button or clicking the “News Feed” option in the top left corner of the app.

Now it should be pointed that no matter what you do the main News Feed view of the new app is never gonna change will always be Top Stories, so when you close the app or the Most Recent view you will be back to the same Top Stories UI until you again manually go view it again. It is not the better option ever, but at least you have the option if you want to go for that with the few extra taps to do it.