Get ready for a Bluetooth enabled Star Trek Communicator

By | July 9, 2015


Are you a Star Trek fan and wanted to have some of its technologies, as Star Trek has lots of cool and awesome technology like tractor beams, warp drives and teleportation. that we don’t have today. You may have been compromising by buying some toy prop replicas ore DIY projects or sometimes you may have some functional off brand Starfleet comm. Badge. Don’t worry time for compromise is almost gone, as you can have some functional device from star trek series.

So mark your calendar, as you can buy an official screen accurate Bluetooth enabled Star Trek Original Series Communicator in January 2016. You surely want to buy this new famous mobile phone look like communicator accessories, which is unveiled this week, if you are a diehard Star Trek fan. When you use this device for communicating with your friends, you’ll look like captain Kirk.

Right now, this new Star Trek Bluetooth enabled communicator is available on preorder at $149.95. it looks like exactly the same as the device used in the Star Trek series. The Wand Company, the creator of this device unveiled it at ComicCon this week and this will start shipping in January 2016. This device looks pretty loud, as it is made by pouring the molted metal aluminum on to an ABS replica modeled after taking a 3D scan of original Alpha Hero prop. This device is manufactured by The Wand Company.

This device is a Bluetooth set, which can be paired with your phone to make regular phone calls. This is not an authentic phone, but it will give you of Star Trek feel, while using it. This device also comes with wireless charging technology, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it into the wall, when it battery is down. So this is a very good device for a diehard Star Trek fan, no doubt. So if you want to be owner of one of these  Star Trek Communicator, then preorder it and you’ll get in January 2016.