Get new Nokia Z launcher on Android – Smart and Predictive

By | June 20, 2014
Nokia Zlauncher

Nokia positively found us napping by all of a sudden throwing an Android launcher out into the world. Known as Z Launcher, the venture is at currently in limited beta phase yet anybody who owns a supported device can enroll, download and take it for a twist.

This is the first app Nokia has launched for smartphone other than manufactured by them. According to them, this is not just a launcher for Android smartphone but it is beyond the expectations for anyone. Nokia Z is smart enough to attract at first sight and Predictive enough to list the app on the screen dynamically depending on your need.

Nokia Zlauncher

Apart from that there is really not much to the Z Launcher. The main homescreen lists the 6 apps, web links or contacts that it thinks you want to use right now. Over time, the launcher should learn your habits and daily stuffs you do– change what it displays to suit and even depending on what time of day it is. The dock down the bottom is – as of now – non-customizable and fills with common stock apps such as the phone, camera and messaging apps. Surprisingly it added Google Camera here for us on the latest LG G3 and not the LG default camera app.

Beyond the homescreen is an app drawer that takes after the same style as the homescreen and holds simply an ordered arrangement of all your applications. No gadgets, since the Z Launcher doesn’t support them. At the same time scrolling, as we tested, is smooth and so far we have gone over no errors and bugs whatsoever.


The ability which is hidden till yet of the Z Launcher is its motion control. It follows a letter on the homescreen and list that related app to you and web links and contacts begining with that letter. If you commit a mistake, a swipe to the left will delete the last letter. It is really correct and smart to use.

So if you’ve owned an LG Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5, Motorola Moto X, HTC One (not mentioned M7 or M8) or Sony Xperia Z1, you can give this guy a shot. It’s English-only for now and will hit wider release later this year, according to the release.

Get new Nokia Z launcher on Android, Click below on the link to first register to the official website and get the download link of Z Launcher.

Register Here for Nokia Z Launcher(Official)