How to get conditional forward button in Firefox


Mozilla Firefox has came up with new UI Australis few months back, which has featured the conditional forward button. If you also notice Mozilla Firefox Nightly version update, you might know that the conditional forward button has been implemented in the Firefox 10.o nightly build version.

You need to use the nightly build version to enjoy the conditional forward button feature. Here I am going to share a small trick which easy to implement, which can bring the same functionality to the older versions of Mozilla Firefox like 7.0, 8.0 etc.,


How to get conditional forward button in Firefox

  • First you need to install the Stylish add on for your Firefox browser. After installing click on the icon in Add-on bar and select Write new style->Blank Style option and it will open a new window. Type any desired name in the Name box and paste the code below in the big text area.

    display: none;

  • That’s it, it will now immediately add the conditional forward feature and the forward button will only be visible whenever it is required.

If you don’t want to install the Stylish add-on, then you can add the above mentioned code in the userChrome.css which is present in your Mozilla Firefox profile folder. Now your question is where to find this profile folder, then open your run box and type the following in the text box and then hit enter.


  •  In the profiles you will find the another folder with the name similar to xxxxx.default, where xxxxx is the random string of characters.