Genymobile secures $7.7 million from Alven Capital

By | July 10, 2015

On Thursday, Genymobile secured $7.7 million from Alven Capital along with the participation of Bpifrance. Around the same time last year, the company has raised $2.2 million in seed funding from Canadian entrepreneur Ryan Cook which paved him a way to move to Silicon Valley.


The French-based Genymobile is a company that develops software used by various companies like Facebook, Twitter, Samsung or Spotify – Genymotion. Genymotion, is one among the three products of the company that acts as a emulator for Android for PC to replicate the influence of a battery charge on an application, call, different qualities of GPS signal, network reduction or just to check the behaviour of an application on smartphones. This is currently the company’s flagship product.

Genydeploy is the second software product to IT services companies, whilt permits its users to install applications or VPN on several smartphones at a time from a single PC. It is not used by La Poste or Orange. The third product Genymaster is a tool to customize Android to match with the need and demands of the business. It enables to alter the Android source code to improve the security of the OS, to install updates or to alter the Android design.

“When we started Genymobile, Android was an obvious choice for us,” said the co-founder and co-CEO Arnaud Dupuis. “There were many mobile agencies, everybody wanted to have an app. But nobody is in charge of IT in these companies. We thought we would become the Red Hat of Android. We started by doing a bit of consulting work to keep us afloat. And then, we developed our own solution, Genymotion – Google’s own emulator wasn’t really professional at the time.”


Various QA teams in big tech companies like Samsung, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google use Genymotion already.  With just $350 per year, the companies can get licensed access to all its features. With 10,000 companies already using it, it is understood that Genymobile is already generating revenue from this first product.

With the funds raised, the company is looking forward to expand their team. “We will hire 30 people by the end of the year, the majority of Android developers specialized in France in Paris and Lyon. In the US, we are looking for project managers, marketing professionals, business, e-commerce managers. We also need to fund the development of the integrated platform which will combine the three existing services” explains Dupuis. Also to reduce the turnover of the company, portion of the funds would be invested in internal trade to strengthen the employer brand.