How to generate and manage app specific password on iCloud


Apple increased the protection by using icloud, The apps and devices can access the data with the help of the new forms of iCloud security is the use of app specific passwords. Even though you enable and app is not supporting the two step verification then you need app specific password in order to open your iCloud account. This ensures your Apple ID password is not collected or stored by the third party applications and managing them is very easily with the help of app specific password. Follow the below steps to generate and manage app specific password on iCloud.

Steps to generate and manage app specific password on iCloud

  • Go to via web browser and sign in with the help of AppleID which is used for iCloud.
  • For further progress you need to verify the identity by using two step authentication.
  • Once you log in then tap on the password and security.
  • Now tap on the App specific Password.
  • Give your app specific password a name and click on generate.
  • Now you have to copy the generated password which is on the clip board and use this generated password instead of your normal iCloud password.
  • This can be on Mac or any device that needs the access to your iCloud account.














If suppose you are interested to know the all the passwords used then you have to tap on view history under the privacy and security . For ever one who are using this app specific passwords frequently through Google. The process of using them is similar to the iClould. At a time user can have up to twenty five app specific passwords which can be access at a time through your Apple ID. By using this app specific password there is also a possibility to access to any application at any time.