Gear S Colorful Bands and Bangles Reportedly in the Pipeline


Unlike the conventional watches that are designed to boast only a specific fashionable look, the smartwatches come with a myriad of looks, likes and labels. Moreover, they provide convenience to the users of large screen devices to access notifications, make calls and more without pulling out their smartphone.

Talking of the new Gear S smartwatch, it carries the credits for being the first such device to feature a SIM slot for autonomous functionality. The device is all set to be launched in more markets soon as the potential consumer base is expected to get a lot larger soon.

gear s

In an ordeal to lure the consumers across the world, an abundant choice of bands is in the works to let the owners add more personalization to their wrist is needed.

The Gear S is packaged with a Dynamic Black colored Wrist Watch Strap, however there will five additional colors including Blue Black, Cobalt Blue, Mocha Grey, Supreme Red, and Dynamic White that will make their way soon into the market. This was tipped by a listing of the product on the UK page.

Besides launching new strap colors, a couple of Bangle Watch Straps will also be available in either Black or White providing a heartier and thicker design for those who have a different fashion approach.

As of now, there is no word from Samsung regarding the pricing of these devices, but we can expect them to cost between $30 and $40 as it would be a safe bet for the manufacturer.

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