Galaxy Note 3 Android Kitkat 4.4 update lastly comes to Verizon

By | May 14, 2014

Although Verizon hardly one-ups its associate U.S. carriers by rolling out an update silently, more times than not, Big Red releases its customers in the dark much longer than its competition. This has surely been the case with the Samsung Note 3, as all other other dominant carriers saw a KitKat 4.4 update earlier as of now. Thankfully, Verizon is finally catching up with an update of their own, and it is certainly better late than never.


Galaxy Note 3 Android Kitkat 4.4 update lastly comes to Verizon

The OTA is not available as of now, and so there is only way to get this KitKat 4.4 the update is to connect your devie to your PC and use either Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant or Samsung Kies. If you already have either of these tools installed on your PC, the process is as simple as connecting your Note 3 in and following the instructions. The update reportedly roughly takes 30 minutes or so to complete everything. For those who don’t have PC, you people need to wait for the OTA to get the update.

So are you excited to grab this update?? Grab and explore the all new features of Android Kitkat 4.4 on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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