LG G Pro 3 to Premiere with In-House LG Processor, Pegged for Early 2015 Launch


Early this year, there were rumors suggesting that the South Korean tech giant LG is prepping to enter the processor market similar to how Samsung came up with the Exynos processors. It was reported that LG will be designing its own lineup of processors that will be manufactured by TSMC and they will be used in its future smartphones.

The latest reports from South Korea suggest that the G3 maker is all set to launch the devices powered by its own SoC starting from early 2015 and that the first such device would be the upcoming G Pro 3.


According to the report, it is claimed that the smartphone will use a low-end LG F490L ODIN processor and the same appeared in rumors suggesting it is an experimental device meant for testing purposes. The industry sources claim that the LG G Pro 3 will be the first one to hit the stores featuring an in-house LG chipset and that it will go official in early next year.

Though LG has not revealed any official details regarding the G Pro 3 or about its custom processor designs, it is known that the handset will be the successor of the G Pro 2 and we can expect a 6 inch display onboard.

LG has been making decent business this year as compared to the previous year and it is believed that custom SoC business with in-house display technology will help the firm secure its position in the smartphone industry.