Full Archive Search API allows you to access any public tweet ever made

By | August 12, 2015
Definitely Needed


Twitter has released a new tool named “Full-Archive Search API”, which is developed by Gnip. Gnip is a social data company, which was acquired by the Twitter last year. By using this tool one can access each public tweet made from the beginning of the micro blogging site Twitter nine years ago.

By using this Full Archive Search API tool, users can check every public tweets made instantly, they can look for any public tweets among all the tweets. Users will be able to search for the context, when you are responding to customers on twitter. If anyone is planning to launch a product, then he can also use this tool to know the most effective way to get the attention and how can he advertise the product effectively. Whenever one wants to access a tweet about anything, he can use this tool to look for those tweets.

Gnip Inc. tweeted, “Introducing the Full-Archive Search API, answering the enterprise need for instant access to any public Tweet – ever”. This Gnip Tool named “Full-Archive Search API” allows Gnip users to look for any historical public Tweet made instantly. For more details click on the blog posted by Twitter.