Friday the 13th – New Maps, Swimsuit DLC Pack and a new Jason


Friday the 13th is flooding the players with free updates and the flood doesn’t stop yet. The updates include a new map, small versions of the existing map being updated, the maps with the facilitation of faster routes and a new Jason. IllFonic, the developer of this multiplayer asymmetric slasher game has laid the plans for the next content but actually, haven’t set a date about when it will be arriving.

It was coy on details of the new map, only saying that it will arrive “sooner than you might think” and will be “ripped straight from the films”. Interesting—any ideas?

Talking about the Jason, we don’t know about his existence either, but just the idea that he will be there. However, there are more details on the reworked maps like the players will be getting smaller versions of Crystal Lake, Higgins and Packanack; which are designed to achieve a faster play.

IllFonic is at pains to say it “didn’t simply shrink the maps and call it a day”—it’s changed spawn and item locations, for example. They too are coming “soon”.

There’s an Emote DLC, which adds eight emotes to the new players so that they can communicate with each other. A thumbs up, by waving no to the hands; the game is going to have many additional things that would amuse the users.