French OpenClassrooms open free premium account for unemployed

By | October 26, 2015

OpenClassrooms, a pioneer MOOC platform in France, has got into an agreement with the French government to provide free premium account on OpenClassrooms for the unemployed.


The French startup OpenClassrooms functions to make knowledge more accessible and bring in a new perspective to learning. The users can join a community of active members who talk and help each others, interact, share their knowledge and even debate. Every member is a student and teacher at the same time. The startup claims to have 3 million users for its community every month. Though most of the features are available for free, premium classes, certificates, videos and ebooks are available to those who pay 20 Euros per month as subscription fee.

Now with the latest deal signed, the unemployed people can access all this without having to pay the subscription fee. All job seekers registered with Póle Emploi are eligible. The member can receive free service for the three months period. The startup seems to be bearing all the expenses without Government offering any subsidizes for the service.

Pierre Dubuc, co-founder of OpenClassrooms said, ” “We feel obviously very concerned with the preparation of future generations to digital world.. It also requires to make large-scale solutions and to those who are most in need to balance supply and demand for jobs.” Through this one can learn about coding, web marketing, entrepreneurship and more. While not everybody wants to become a developer, making as many training free for unemployed people is a great initiative.

OpenClassrooms has quite recently launched an interesting feature though which one can sign up for MOOC-based bachelor degree recognized by the State on the website. Though it may take some extra time, its is a really good option for those who do not have time to attend classes with their busy schedule. This new feature is expected boost the growth of the education platform.