How to free space in iCloud


If your space in iCloud is rolling out then no need to worry or no need to buy some storage. Here in this article we are giving some information which gives you clear clarity about how to free space in iCloud. For this you need to follow the different ways you clear the storage. Generally the Apple iCloud storage service can be used to stash away photos, videos, device backups, and more in the cloud.

The company offers users 5GB of space for free, however they are providing 5GB of space per Apple ID and not per device, you may find yourself running out of space faster than you would like. While additional storage can be purchased from Apple, there are ways to free up space in your iCloud account. To free the storage space follow the below steps

  • Initially you have to check the space available for that enter the settings on your iPhone or iPad, select iCloud, click storage & backup followed by manage.
  • By If you have backups from your old device, say from an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 that you no longer own, you can just go ahead and delete those. Simply click on the backup scroll to the bottom and tap delete back up.
  • Change the back up settings, click on the most recent backup and scroll down to see all of the backed up data. If you find something you really don’t care about, flip the switch to off to delete the data.
  • Alternative photo service is one of the easy way to delete photos from your backups. Instead of having photos stored in iCloud, I recommend using one of the many third-party cloud services that offer even more free space than Apple.

There is also your iCloud Photo Stream. While this doesn’t actually take up space in iCloud, photos are only stored on Apple’s servers for 30 days. If you end up using one of the other cloud services to store your photos, I recommend disabling the iCloud Photo Stream feature. This can be done by going to Settings, clicking on iCloud, selecting Photos and flipping the My Photo Stream switch to off.