Free PDF to Word Converters Online

By | June 24, 2014

If you need to convert the PDF file to Word Document there are many converters available online, This article gives you the information of the Free PDF to Word Converters online. A point to bear in mind when converting PDFs to Microsoft Word is that the results vary hugely.

If you have a document that is mostly format-free with no images, you’ll find that most of the apps below do a decent job. The more formatting and pictures you add though, the less likely it is you’ll get a good quality conversion. The top rated free PDF to Word converter as follows.

Free PDF to Word Converter

This is application that does exactly what you would expect it to do it helps you convert PDF to text . The good thing about PDF documents is that they keep the same design and layout cross-platform. The bad thing is that they can’t be edited easily. Of course, there are PDF editors out there but they’re usually quite expensive. If you don’t want to spend your money on one of these programs, download Free PDF to Word Doc Converter instead. Click Here to download Free PDF to Word Converter.

AnyBizsoft PDF to Word

AnyBizdoft PDF to Word is very easy to use. Simply select the PDF files you want to work with and click “Convert”. You can choose to convert the whole document or only a selected range of pages, although this function is limited in the trial version. You can also convert several PDF files in a row, dragging and dropping to create a prioritized list. The main pros of this application was attractive interface and this application is very easy to use it. The disadvantages of this application is layout is not rendered perfectly and one more is that  Microsoft word most be installed to use this application. To download this app Click Here.


UniPDF is the free PDF to convert the word file which is ease, This application is fast and simple to use and most importantly, it does an excellent job at keeping images and text where they belong once converted to DOC. I also like that UniPDF has a straightforward interface and isn’t bogged down with advertisements or confusing settings. Batch PDF to Word conversions are also supported in UniPDF, as is TXT output if you’re only interested in the text-based information in a PDF. UniPDF also converts PDF files to popular image formats, like JPG, PNG, TIF, and more. Click Here to Download this UniPDF.

PDFMate PDF converter

This is also an another application which is free of cost and works excellent, PDFMate PDF Converter Free did a great job when converting PDF to DOC, retaining nearly all the proper formatting and color.

Batch PDF to Word converting is supported, as well as PDF to PDF conversions, which is helpful for making changes to PDF security settings.One drawback with this tool is that text found in the PDF will only be editable on the first three pages of the DOCX file it creates, but that may not be a concern depending on the PDF you happen to be converting to Word. PDFMate PDF Converter Free can also convert from PDF to EPUB, HTML, JPG, SWF, and TXT. To get more nad to download this PDFMate PDF converter Click Here .


This application is also another PDF converter that comes in the middle of the pack  it is got good options and produces a nice end product, but it’s not entirely free, and the Word documents it produces are OK rather than fantastic. PDF2Word is free for documents of less than five pages, and valid for 100 conversions. Obviously for occasional use it’s fine, but if you need it on a more regular basis, it’s not going to cut the mustard. The end result is OK, and in many cases it’s probably even good, but for highly-formatted documents with lots of pictures, it’s not quite perfect.

PDF to Word Converter

Pdf to Word Converter is the website it’s not a software no need to download and no installation, Simple and easy way to convert. Visit this website with the help of valid email Id you can convert the PDF file to Word File. Choose the file from the Choose file which you want to do conversion. Click Here to go this PDF to Word Converter Website.

Convert Online PDF

This website is providing absolutely hundred percent free service, No need register and no personal information. Directly with in fraction of minutes you can Convert the PDF file to Word, Converted file is returned over internet  browser. Click Here to visit this Website


This website Convert the PDF to Word  very fast. It takes 31 seconds to convert the file. Formats are well reserved. It supports doc and txt format. It does not require email address nor has a file size limit. It does not support batch mode or OCR. Click Here to go to website