Foursquare’s Swarm app New Check in now available


Foursquare’s swarm app is now available for both iphone and Android devices, The aim of this application is to find out the nearby friends and check in bars, Restaurants and other places, Few weeks ago Foursquare announced about the Swarm app as it is coming in two parts. One part is for new split personality and other half for finding the friends near by your locations and also to check in the places like bars, restaurants and for finding great places nearby you.


Swarm is the new app from Four square it is the fastest way to keep up and meet up your friends, with swarm easily you see the who is out nearby and who want to hang out later. As I mentioned earlier like Foursquare, Swarm lets you check in to show the friends where are you, but it also uses passive location signals to shows which friends are nearby even when they haven’t checked in.

Where Find my friends shows the Friends location Down from the foot by you swarm you can know who is in your friends neighborhood. If you wand to hide yourself then go on to the application top of bar and there off the grid. Swarm is featured with check in the history for the first time. How ever like Four Square with new conventional ideas of leader boards, mayors ships and other mechanics. You can see this advanced features continue checking in using Four square main app, but this features can be seen in new version which might be replaced by this version.

Foursquare’s social features will be surely be missed by some, but with Swarm, Foursquare is betting big on sharing your location with friends not on the aging concept of checking in to earn points.

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