Foursquare Swarm is going live next week with new stickers and more

By | May 10, 2014

Few days back Foursquare has announced that it is going to release the new app and divide its functions between those two apps. The location discovery and sharing function is to remain with the  Foursquare and the friends focused part “Where are my friends” is to come with the new Swarm app. For the full details of the division of the functions between these two apps click here.

Today Foursquare has given details about the some of the features of new Swarm app. The new Foursquare Swarm to offer Insights and to feature stickers, new mayorship and streaks. The new Swarm functions similar to the Foursquare and it will offer the new Insights regarding your life after each check-in. The new Swarm would also get stickers and you can use them to express your feelings for every check-in. The stickers number keep on increasing by checking-in to the different types of places.


Swarm allows you to fight between your friends for the mayorships, when you check-in at the same places. Unlike the foursquare you can compete with your friends instead of competing with the people all over the world. So this allows a place to have the different mayors, one for the each group of friends and this uses the 60 days history. Foursquare app is going to loose the option of mayorship and so you cannot hold the mayorship for a place.

The company says that, for the time being, it continue to show mayor for today, frozen in a place. Badges are to remain with the Foursquare in the Foursquare trophy case, but they company says that the successor would be coming the next update.

The company says that Swarm app is going to release next week worldwide, but there is no word about whether the app would be released for both Android and iPhone platforms or only for Android platform.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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