Foursquare has teamed up with Uber to allow its users request a ride

By | June 2, 2015

On Monday, the New York based recommendations startup Foursquare has partnered with Uber to allow Foursquare members to request a cab to various destinations without exciting the app.


It is very simple to use. The user has to click the Uber ride button inside the Foursquare app on the page of where he/she want to go – a church or restaurant. But it has to be noted that it requires the Uber app to be installed in the phone to have user details and payment information. By using Uber via Foursquare, Foursquare is able to offer few other fresh features like offering a ride to the place where the reservation has been made and many more features. Also, they provide standard discount for the first-time riders.

Uber within the Foursquare is powered by deep-linking partner Button. The startup previously has teamed up with GrubHub Seamless for food delivery and with OpenTable for booking a table at the restaurants. Now it has partnered with Uber to take care of the transportation aspect of the business. This partnership did not bloom out of nowhere. Varun Shetty, Foursquare’s director of business development stated that this discussion has been on from 2014 when the ride-sharing startup opened up its APIs to developers last August. And, the connection seems to have taken place only now with the help of Uber partner Button. Button was not something new to Foursquare because of its cofounders Micheal Jaconi and Mike Dudas who were former executives at Rakuten and Venmo. The venture-backed startup Button can do the actual engineering required to turn on Uber in other apps in a matter of minutes while Foursquare took hours to do it.

Recently, Foursquare is into making partnership on its struggle to make the six-year-old startup up in the market even if does not hold the top positions in the app stores. Last March, the company scored a major partnership with Twitter to use Foursquare’s data to tag the locations in the tweets. Similarly there are other partnerships with other companies to bring them into their own app.

For Uber, partnerships are not new either. It has recently opened up ts API to developers to integrate their service with other apps. United Airlines added Uber Integration into its app last year, for helping its customers book a ride to and from airport through their interface. Another example is dating app Hinge. With Hinge’s integration one can request a cab directly from the chat window in the app, allowing one to pickup and drive to the location. Starbucks, Tempo, TripAdvisor, Momento, OpenTable and Zomato are few other apps that has integrations with Uber.

Financial deals between Uber and Foursquare has not been disclosed by either companies. But Shetty has stated that company is following both revenue shares and other forms of deals in the partnership strategy. “It is simultaneous thing where we think the app can be enriched,” Shetty says.