Foursquare companion app Swarm released for Windows Phone

By | August 14, 2014
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Few months back Foursquare was divided into two apps, one is original Foursquare app and other is Swarm app. Swarm allows you to see where your friends are and then check into those places. Today Foursquare check-in app Swarm released for Windows Phone. Swarm is not exactly replacing the Foursquare, it is focusing on ‘discovery’ going forward.

The main focus for  Swarm over its predecessor Foursquare is social, as the features like mayorships and points system has now dropped in exchange for seeing where your friends are going tonight. Now you can be the mayor of your location,  but only amongst your friends and not the rest of the world. Users can also get how many they have checked into this current location.


Foursquare on its blog has described about Swarm that,

[quote]While Foursquare has been used for sharing where you are for years, now Swarm will facilitate meet-ups with friends very easily by allowing you broadcast where you are going next and what your friends plans are. Meanwhile, the original Foursquare app is going to change a bit to be more focused on the venue discovery and reviews. [/quote]

Swarm app also has stickers feature, as you know stickers play a significant role in any social app. This service received mixed results so far and it is not clear till now whether users will make it the next big thing or failed service from the traditional Foursquare system. Swarm has already received an update just after launching. So now you will find version in the Windows Phone store. This update is released to fix some bugs, nothing more than that.

Download Swarm for Windows Phone 

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